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  1. (上海理工大学 光电信息与计算机工程学院,上海 200093)
  • 出版日期:2015-10-15 发布日期:2015-10-29
  • 作者简介:陈金(1989—),男,硕士研究生。研究方向:EPS控制系统。E-mail:jin19891221@outlook.com。钱伟康(1957—),男,副教授。研究方向:电子信息科学与技术。

Research on Brushless Motor Temperature of Power Steering System

CHEN Jin,QIAN Weikang   

  1. (School of Optical-Electrical and Computer Engineering,University of Shanghai for Science and Technology,Shanghai 200093,China)
  • Online:2015-10-15 Published:2015-10-29

摘要: 电动助力转向系统由控制器ECU根据传感器手力矩、车速等信息确定电机助力,电机与ECU热管理是其成本控制与系统安全的关键。文中提出在控制中区分快速与慢速发热模型,得到了系统温度的增加值,在不同发热均恒条件下与当前温度、输入电流的关系,估算电机温度。仿真与实验证明,通过这种热管理分析与设计方法有效地解决了系统发热问题,成功地实现了系统成本与系统安全的统一。

关键词: 电动助力转向系统, 温度估算, 热保护, 温度增加值

Abstract: The electric power steering system controls motor output torque by the controller ECU according to signal of the hand torque,vehicle speed senor etc.The thermal management for ECU and motor is the key to control cost and security of system.This article puts forward the distinction between fast and slow temperature rising by theoretic model to get the system's temperature increasing value in different heating conditions and the relationship between the motor current and the immediate temperature to calculate the motor temperature.Simulation and experiments show that the thermal management analysis and the design method can effectively solve the problem of the heating system and successfully realize the unification of the system cost and system safety.

Key words: electric power steering system;fast and slow temperature rising;motor temperature;increasing temperature value


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