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  • Copyright Statement of Electronic Science and Technology


    To the author

    1. The author of the paper guarantees that the paper is the original work, and does not involve the leakage of state secrets and academic misconduct. In case of infringement or leakage, the author of the paper shall bear the relevant responsibility.

    2. Ensure that all authors have no objection to the signature and ranking. Multi-unit cooperation of manuscripts, to ensure that there is no objection to the ranking of units, and no intellectual property disputes. In the process of revising the paper, if there is any change in the number of authors or signatories, the approval of all authors or the certificate of the first signatory should be obtained.

    3. The communicator of the paper (the first author of the unmarked communicator) is responsible for the revision, answering and proofreading of the paper, and handling all matters related to the manuscript, such as single-line edition.

    4. This journal is a public academic journal. It does not charge the publishing fee of authors. It will never allow academic misconduct to waste public resources. All authors must sign the Copyright Transfer Agreement in writing when submitting contributions. For fraudulent acts, the journal will resort to legal and administrative means to investigate their liability.

    5. After the acceptance and publication of the manuscript, the author transfers the various publishing rights of the manuscript (including paper publishing rights, reproduction, distribution, translation rights, and the copyright of CD-ROM, Internet and other electronic media) to the magazine of Electronic Science and Technology.

    6. Before signing this agreement, the author of the communication has read the full text, including: full-text academic opinions and written expr‍ession is correct; data and charts are correct; terminology is standardized; statistical processing is correct; legal measurement units are correct; and references are checked one by one.

    7. After the publication of the manuscript, the author grants the right of information network dissemination to the magazine Electronic Science and Technology. Without the consent of us, the author cannot authorize others to use it in the environment of websites, electronic publications and books.

    8. Please read the Copyright Transfer Agreement carefully. When submitting a manuscript, the scanned version of the signed agreement should be uploaded to the submission system of the journal to ensure that the manuscript is examined in time.


    To the reader

    No third party is allowed to reprint or link the data of academic papers of this journal without authorization of this journal. Violators must be prosecuted.

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