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  1. (第二炮兵工程学院 基础部,陕西 西安 710025)
  • 出版日期:2011-09-15 发布日期:2011-10-24
  • 作者简介:杨晶晶(1984—),女,硕士。研究方向:智能仪器仪表。

Design of Electrochemical Workstation Based on MCU AT89C52

 YANG Jing-Jing, LUO Zheng-Wen, LIU Yan, MU Xiao-Gang   

  1. (Department of Basic Training,The Second Artillery Engineering College,Xi'an 710025,China)
  • Online:2011-09-15 Published:2011-10-24



关键词: 电化学工作站, 阴极保护, 导体电阻测量


An electrochemistry workstation based on electrochemistry theory is developed.The electrochemistry workstation comprises a signal generator,a potentiostat,a data collection part,a MCU and a host IPC (industrial PC).The workstation can control and measure signals in an electrochemistry system such as current,and potential.It also can realize a cathodic protection function.Compared with the conventional electrochemistry workstation,the workstation adopting an advanced integrated circuit has the advantages of small system error and favorable performance.Furthermore,the workstation is provided with favorable performance in the aspect of cathodic protection,thereby having better application and favorable market prospect.

Key words: electrochemical workstation;cathodic protection conductor;resistance measurement


  • TP368.1