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  1. (华北水利水电大学 信息工程学院,河南 郑州 450011)
  • 出版日期:2015-11-15 发布日期:2015-12-15
  • 作者简介:马紫宁(1991—),女,硕士研究生。研究方向:密码学与网络安全。E-mail:mzining@163.com

Radio Frequency Identification System Security Issues and Prevention Strategies

MA Zining,MA Yiming,WANG Shizhi   

  1. (School of Information Engineering,North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power,Zhengzhou 450011,China)
  • Online:2015-11-15 Published:2015-12-15



关键词: 射频识别, 安全需求, 隐私, 安全


RFID technology is a on-contact automatic identification technology,which through radio frequency signal to identify the target and exchange the data.It can automatically collects data on commercial activities.RFID technology has a wide range of applications in the Internet of Things.However,in practical application environment,RFID face with problems and risks of information security and privacy aspects.Based on the aspects of security needs,subject to attacks and discuss solving strategies,this article from the technical level analyze the security issues of RFID systems and give some and propose some workable solutions strategy to reduce RFID system impact.

Key words: RFID;security needs;privacy;security


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