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  1. (上海飞机设计研究院 液压部,上海 201203)
  • 出版日期:2016-03-15 发布日期:2016-03-18
  • 作者简介:费思聪(1988—),男,硕士,工程师。研究方向:刹车系统设计。

Research on Automatic Braking Control System for Large Civil Aircraft

FEI Sicong   

  1. (Hydraulic Unit,Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute,Shanghai 201203,China)
  • Online:2016-03-15 Published:2016-03-18



关键词: 自动刹车控制系统, 恒减速率, Stateflow, 半物理仿真


The automatic brake control system has become an urgent need to achieve the brake system of civil aircraft for the safety and comfort of passengers.Firstly,the paper introduces the automatic braking control system for large civil aircraft,analyzes the working principle of the system,and plans the structure and scheme of the system.The control rate of the constant rate reduction is studied and the control logic of the system is put forward with the control logic designed and the control logic model built by Stateflow tool.All digital and semi physical simulation results meet the system design requirements and the expected research objectives are achieved.

Key words: automatic brake control system;constant reduction rate;Stateflow;semi physical simulation


  • TP273+.5