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MIMO Radar Based on Ternary Complementary Sets

 FENG Jun-Jie, ZHANG Tai-Rong, LIU Song-Hong   

  1. (School of Physics and Information Technology,Liupanshui Normal University,Liupanshui 553004,China)
  • Online:2011-11-15 Published:2011-11-25


Multiple-Input Multiple-output radar uses multiple antennas to simultaneously transmit orthogonal or non-coherent waveforms and uses multiple receiving antennas to receive and separate the reflected signals.Optimization of the transmit signals can improve the performance of the MIMO radar.The binary spread spectrum code is easy to construct,but it has the drawbacks of high cross correlation and auto-correlation sidelobes.Ternary complementary codes,which have better correlation properties and zero range sidelobes,can be used for target imaging.

Key words: Multiple-Input Multiple-output radar;ternary complementary sets;virtual array;correlation , function

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