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15 July 2010 Volume 23 Issue 7
    Realization of the Tree Growth Animation Based on the Improved L System
    Liu Xin,Yuan Xiujiu,Wang Shengyong,Zhao Xuejun
    . 2010, 23(7):  1-3. 
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    The improved functional Lsystem is combined with the timecontrolled Lsystem to control the growth of the branches with polynomial functions and exponential functions through the analysis and selection of the Growth Function.The animation of successive tree growth is realized by means of computer animation.The algorithm is explicit,controllable and easy to implement.

    Moving Object Detection Based on H264/AVC Compressed Domain
    WU Zhi-Xia, WANG Hua, WANG Pei
    . 2010, 23(7):  4-7. 
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    An algorithm for detecting the moving object on H264/AVC compressed domain is presented.Firstly,motion fields and macroblock partition type are extracted from the compressed video,in which the noise vectors are removed by median filter,and some fake moving block are excluded.Then,the moving regions are marked with adaptive threshold.Finally,the accurate moving object is recognized using the feature of the marked moving regions.This algorithm is easy to implement and suitable for intelligent monitoring and video analysis.Test results show that the detecting effect is good even without decoding all the compressed bit stream.

    Design of Navigate Tool Bar Based on Collection Edit
    GUO Di-Xun, MA Xiao-Li
    . 2010, 23(7):  7-10. 
    Abstract ( 1528 )   PDF (482KB) ( 1721 )  
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    The Navigate Tool Bar adopts the  integrated Collection Editor as the property editor,and organizes data configuration with the class of custom data collection,characteristic of clear data structure,easy implementation and simplicity.The navigation tool bar is capable of adding secondary sub items effectively,providing attributes unavailable in the original controls,which makes the controls effective and intuitive and easy for user interaction.

    Research on and Application of STAFbased Software Test Automation
    SHAO Zuo-Tian, MO Xiao-Dong
    . 2010, 23(7):  9-12. 
    Abstract ( 2123 )   PDF (371KB) ( 3120 )  
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    A new C2P operation mode on STAF is presented with a complete scheme of software test automation.It makes better use of the original test framework and solves the problem of various tools and methods for software test automation.Its unified management and maintenance and its extension facilitates the realization of software test automation.

    Application of ASPNET ThreeTier Architecture in theScience & Technology Awards Evaluation System
    HAN Li-Hua, ZHANG Zhi-Yang, WANG Shu-Hai
    . 2010, 23(7):  12-15. 
    Abstract ( 2038 )   PDF (672KB) ( 2030 )  
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    Aiming at the science & technology awards evaluation system business requirement features,this paper proposes a method for using threetier architecture based on asp.net to design the system,presents the system functions and operating processes,and designs a three layer framework with the simulation scoring module as an example.The key technologies for the realization of each layer are also given.

    Portable Face Recognition System Based on ARM9
    LIU Yao-Ting, DING Mo-Shan
    . 2010, 23(7):  15-18. 
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    A face recognition system is presented using principal component analysis (PCA) and based on the ARM9 processor as hardware.The face recognition is achieved without PC.The common USB camera is used for image acquisition in this system.Software is based on Linux operating system,which is convenient for network connection and image display.

    Research on Clock Synchronization and Retaining Based on Continuous TimedStamp
    CHEN Qi-Qing, YANG Bai-Long, PU Xuan-Ji
    . 2010, 23(7):  18-21. 
    Abstract ( 1583 )   PDF (404KB) ( 2156 )  
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    In view of the clock synchronization in distributed system,three technologies are brought forward,namely the clock synchronization architecture based on passiveresponse server,clock error statistics based on continuous timedstamp,and algorithm for delay computation and clock retaining based on given clock precision.With software clock synchronization,these technologies improve the clock synchronization precision and reduce the network communication flow and expense of CPU in distributed system greatly to synchronize clock.

    Study of the Image AutoFocusing System Based on FPGA
    SUN Guo-Jiang, BAI Min-Wu
    . 2010, 23(7):  21-24. 
    Abstract ( 1631 )   PDF (363KB) ( 2287 )  
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    The autofocusing based on image technology is used to accomplishes image pretreatment,definition evaluation and judges the imaging state from the current image quality.The system can adjust focus distance correctly supervised by imaging state.The key technology is the image quality analysis function.Aiming at the enormous computation and high complexity of the autofocusing algorithm,the preprocessing method for combining the median filter with the linear transform of gray value,the pipelining structure,the “pingpong” working mode,the sharing processor of double butterfly shape and the base2FFT algorithm are presented.The research indicates that the autofocusing algorithm resolves the speed bottleneck of complex control systems.

    A Gabor Filter Based Fingerprint Enhancement Algorithm in Wavelet Domain
    HUANG Jing, LI Kai-Yu
    . 2010, 23(7):  24-28. 
    Abstract ( 1889 )   PDF (521KB) ( 3105 )  
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    Ridge orientations and ridge spatial frequencies in various regions of fingerprints represent its intrinsic characteristics.This paper proposes a new fingerprint enhancement algorithm based on wavelet transform and Gabor filtering.Then twodimensional Gabor filters is implemented by two onedimensional filters.The algorithm can improve the clarity and continuity of ridge and valley structures.The complexity is reduced.The experimental results on the fingerprints supported by FPS200 Sensor show that the proposed algorithm is fast,effective and robust.

    Realtime Detection of Temperature Distribution in Laser Rods in Diodepumped Solidstate Lasers
    XIAO Yao, CHENG Yin, WANG Dan-Yu, GUO Zhen, CA De-Fang, WEN Jian-Guo, LI Bing-Bin
    . 2010, 23(7):  28-32. 
    Abstract ( 1759 )   PDF (505KB) ( 1606 )  
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    Since the temperature in laser rods has a significant impact on laser performance,the realtime detection of temperature distribution in the laser is very important to a DPL.A method for detecting the temperature distribution in the laser rod is given in this paper.The temperature distribution can be obtained from the laser beam intensity detected by CCD using mathematical approaches and modeling realized by computer.Compared with conventional methods,the proposed method accords better to the real laser working condition.Its feasibility is verified by experiments.

    Analysis of Cavity Length Control of Laser Gyro with Total Reflection Prisms
    LIU Jian-Ning, LIU Ji-Fang, DAN Shun-Xiang, FENG Zhe-Jun
    . 2010, 23(7):  32-36. 
    Abstract ( 1568 )   PDF (646KB) ( 1008 )  
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    The total reflection prism laser gyro is based on the principle of heating gas in the cavity to control the cavity length.The modeling software PROE is used in this paper to establish the analytical models,and finite element analysis software Ansys to analyze the “model jump” process,by which the factors are summarized that influence the stable single mode operation of the total reflection prism laser gyro.Methods for reducing the jumpmode time and improving the heating efficiency are proposed.

    NearField Distribution of Diffraction Efficiency of the Twodimensional Acoustooptic Q Switch
    CUI Zhi-Chao, GUO Zhen, XU Yin-Xin, WANG Dan-Yu, LI Bing-Bin
    . 2010, 23(7):  36-40. 
    Abstract ( 1401 )   PDF (456KB) ( 1307 )  
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    This paper discusses the sound pressure distribution within the crystal of onedimensional acoustooptic Q switch,and obtains the diffraction efficiency distribution.The computation of the diffraction efficiency distribution of onedimensional and sound pressure distribution of twodimensional gives the diffraction efficiency distribution within the crystal.It is found that under the same driving power,the loss of twodimensional is larger than that of onedimensional with the highest efficiency at z=2 mm.

    Research on the LED Display Panel Lighting Model
    LIANG Xiao-Xia, YANG Cheng, CHEN Min-Hao
    . 2010, 23(7):  40-44. 
    Abstract ( 1563 )   PDF (537KB) ( 1629 )  
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    The paper presents the lighting patterns and the relation between the illuminant and the illuminated surface,analyses the relation between LED packages,visual angle and luminescence intensity spatial distribution,obtains a function of LED luminescence intensity spatial distribution,and establishes a LED display panel lighting model.According to the model,the illumination distribution patterns and the unitary attenuation coefficient of LED display panel in different position of view can be obtained.

    Dielectric and Vibrational Properties of Y2O3 from First Principles
    WANG Wen-Chen, ZHANG Xian, CENG Qiang-Feng, LI Hui
    . 2010, 23(7):  44-48. 
    Abstract ( 1474 )   PDF (381KB) ( 2134 )  
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    The structural,vibrational and dielectric properties of Y2O3 are calculated with both the localdensity approximation (LDA) and the generalized gradient approximation (GGA).Results of electronic dielectric tensors,static dielectric tensors,Born effective charges and phonon frequencies at the Brillouin zone center are reported in the framework of density functional perturbation theory.Group theory is adopted to identify these phonon modes at the center of Brillouin zone.Comparisons are made between values from LDA and GGA,indicating that for the calculations of different properties,LDA and GGA have their own advantages.

    Nondestructive Evaluation System of Antiradiation Performance of LabViewbased SiO2
    ZHANG Chuan-Feng, DU Lei, LI Wei-Hua, BAO Jun-Lin, YAN Jia-Ming
    . 2010, 23(7):  48-52. 
    Abstract ( 1897 )   PDF (455KB) ( 1605 )  
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    Based on SiO2 dielectric material noise sensitive characterization techniques on MOS device,SiO2 dielectric antiradiation methods are presented.Combined with noise measure experience and the requirements of theoretical analysis,SiO2 dielectric antiradiation nondestructive evaluation systems are developed with LabView.This system consists of data acquisition which is responsible for noise time series and spectrum acquisition and preservation,and data analysis which is responsible for characteristic value analysis of the time sequence and the spectrum,SiO2 dielectric material antiradiation capability analysis and screening of the corresponding devices.Results indicate that it is a reliable software which gives a more accurate evaluation of antiradiation on the MOSFETT.

    Effect of Bi4Ti3O12 Additive on Properties of ZnO LowVoltage Varistors
    WANG Xu-Meng, CAO Quan-Chi, HUI Lei
    . 2010, 23(7):  52-55. 
    Abstract ( 1323 )   PDF (430KB) ( 1456 )  
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    The Bi4Ti3O12 plays an important role in the process of sintering of the lowvoltage zinc oxide varistors.In this article,sintering of ceramic doped with Bi4Ti3O12 is studied by using SEM.The results show that varistors doped with nanometer Bi4Ti3O12 powder can obtain lower breakdown voltage,and the form and distribution of Zn2TiO4 phase affect the uniformity of breakdown voltage.

    Effect of AlN Buffer on the Surface Topography of AlGaN
    SHI Hui-Fang, LI Pei-Xian, LI Hui
    . 2010, 23(7):  55-58. 
    Abstract ( 1307 )   PDF (485KB) ( 1790 )  
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    SEM,HRXRD,Raman,AFM and TEM are used to investigate the formation of surface topography in high Al component AlGaN epitaxial layers.The result shows that the crystallization of the AlN buffer is of great importance to subsequent growth,which accounts for the formation of surface topography.

    Study of Evaluation of Transfer Efficiency of Scientific and Technological Achievements
    XU Chen, SHAO Yun-Fei
    . 2010, 23(7):  58-62. 
    Abstract ( 1068 )   PDF (204KB) ( 1384 )  
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    Effective transfer of Scientific and Technological Achievements can bring substantial economic benefits,and the scientific evaluation of the transfer efficiency plays a key role in its improvement.In this article,DEA method is adopted to study the investment on science and technology and the transfer efficiency of scientific and technological achievements in more than 30 regions in China,providing a somehow objective reflection of the transfer efficiencies of different regions.The location of these regions and the reasons for the low efficiency of some regions are analyzed using DEA method,with corresponding suggestions for improvement of the transfer efficiency.

    Design of the Communication Protocol of the Intelligent Building Monitoring System Based on the CAN Bus
    WANG Zhong, SUN Gao-Qin, YI Mao-Xiang
    . 2010, 23(7):  62-66. 
    Abstract ( 1906 )   PDF (518KB) ( 1909 )  
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    In order to solve the deficiency about intelligent building monitoring system currently,according to the many advantages of CAN bus,the network of intelligent building monitoring system based on CANbus is proposed.Starting from the research of CAN20B bus specification,the hardware base about CAN bus specification is introduced and CANbus message format is analyzed.Through the distribution of packet identifier,the communication protocol for the system is designed and the software design process is given.The arbitration problem in communication process about intelligent building monitoring system is well solved.

    Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Based on the D_S Evidence Theory
    XUE Dun-Xiao, LI Chi
    . 2010, 23(7):  66-69. 
    Abstract ( 1403 )   PDF (339KB) ( 1284 )  
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    A spectrum sensing method based on D_S evidence theory and dynamic weighted cooperative technique is introduced to analyze detecting probabilistic properties of cognitive users facing different SNR levels.Computer simulation shows that amending cooperative dynamic weighted coefficient with fusion technology based on D_S evidence theory overcomes the disadvantages of conventional cooperative sensing method and outperforms the conventional method and offers better detection performance.

    An Improved Algorithm Based on DVHOP and its Simulation
    TANG Hui, ZHANG Yang-Jie, RUAN Cheng-Chi
    . 2010, 23(7):  69-72. 
    Abstract ( 1810 )   PDF (458KB) ( 1784 )  
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    The location information of the sensor node is one of the key technologies in Wireless sensor network(WSN).This paper proposes two improvements based on the DVHOP algorithm: the anchor placement strategy and the Weighted AHS algorithm,named as Weighted DVHOP.A Matlab simulation model based on the Weighted DVHOP is established.The results show that the proposed algorithm improves node location accuracy by more than 10% with same amount of anchor nodes under same radio range condition.

    An Algorithm for Triangular Mesh Optimization
    WANG Kun-Ling
    . 2010, 23(7):  72-74. 
    Abstract ( 1370 )   PDF (302KB) ( 1569 )  
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    An algorithm based on edge collapsing is used to optimize the triangular meshes.The new vertex is produced by the minimum quadric error metric to retain the original shape of the meshes as much as possible and avoid the limit of the folding border.Experimental results show that this algorithm is simplified to obtain good results and ensure a higher quality of the simplified model.

    Research on Harmonic Detection in the Power System Based on the Chaotic Oscillator System
    XI Zhi-Gong, LI Ya, BIAN Luan-Jian
    . 2010, 23(7):  74-77. 
    Abstract ( 1633 )   PDF (237KB) ( 1276 )  
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    This paper proposes a harmonic detection method based on Duffing oscillator to improve the method of distinguishing the phase diagram.A system is designed for harmonic detection in power system and simulation results verify the validity in the higher harmonic detection.This research offers a basis for the design of new type harmonic time domain detection instruments in electric power system.

    Design of the Highprecision Time Difference Measurement System Based on TDCGP2
    YANG Pei, XU Jun, WANG Fei
    . 2010, 23(7):  77-82. 
    Abstract ( 2145 )   PDF (641KB) ( 4939 )  
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    According to the analysis of time difference measurement by the method of TimetoDigital Converter (TDC),a highprecision time difference measurement system based on the general TDC module TDCGP2 is designed.The measurement range of the system is 0~18 μs and the precision can reach 70 ps.The system has effectively solved the problem of highprecision time difference measurement in application of laser ranging and LIDAR.

    High Precision Arbitrary Waveform Generator Based on DDS
    WANG Chen
    . 2010, 23(7):  82-87. 
    Abstract ( 2200 )   PDF (1176KB) ( 2319 )  
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    The system completes the arbitrary waveform generator by Direct Digital Synthesis with FPGA as the core control device and FLASH and RAM as the data storage module.Under the control of host computer software,the system uses the high precision D/A converter to achieve the output of arbitrary waveforms,such as sine wave,square wave,triangular wave,sawtooth wave,white Gaussian noise.The system can be widely used in such field as telecommunications,remote telemetry,and instrumentation.

    Threephase Signal Generator Based on FPGA
    LI Hui, ZHU Lin-Sheng
    . 2010, 23(7):  87-92. 
    Abstract ( 2371 )   PDF (1109KB) ( 15429 )  
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    The threephase signal generator has DDS as its core and generates sine,square and triangle wave and sawtooth signal in the Alteras Cyclone Ⅱ EP2C8T144C8.It controls the frequency and phase difference of the waveform with PIC18F4550.MCU controls the waveform amplitude by changing the reference voltage of DAC902 through DAC0832.The waveform is exported after amplification and filtering.Waveform parameters can be input and output through the touch screen and liquid crystal.Test results show that the system has high accuracy and good stability.

    LowPower Consumption Design of Blackfin@ Processors
    GENG Guan-Yu, SHU Guo-Feng, ZHONG Hong-Dui
    . 2010, 23(7):  92-95. 
    Abstract ( 1667 )   PDF (474KB) ( 1378 )  
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    Blackfin@ processors are applied in embedded systems such as handy video or audio products.Lowpower consumption design affects directly using time of products.This paper shows specific methods for lowpower consumption design with Blackfin@ processors.The methods involve clock frequency,operating modes,peripherals on the chip and the core voltage.Flexible control and management of system power consumption can be achieved to extend the effective using time of system to the maximum extent.

    Design and Implementation of Adaptive Echo Cancellation Based on the DSP Builder
    ZHANG Wan, HUA Yong-Beng
    . 2010, 23(7):  95-99. 
    Abstract ( 2036 )   PDF (547KB) ( 1988 )  
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    Aiming at the echo problem in communication,this paper presents a algorithm of LMS based on adaptive echo cancellation using DSP Builder Tool,which combines Matlab/Simulink with Quartus II designing tools on FPGA chips,with the concepts of modularization.The software simulation and hardware verification on FPGA indicate that the design is simpler and faster to implement the adaptive echo cancellation.

    Design of the Radar Signal Processor Based on ADITS201
    HU Liang, SONG Mo-Jie, LIU Zheng
    . 2010, 23(7):  99-101. 
    Abstract ( 1532 )   PDF (412KB) ( 1786 )  
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    A realtime radar signal processing system is designed,which is based on four pieces ADSPTS201 and one piece of FPGA.In the processing board,the point to point communications of the DSP chips are implemented only by the link ports.The data processing of the system is completed by only one board.Therefore,the system has the features of simple and efficient hardware circuit,small size,flexible software programming and debugging,and high reliability.It can implement adaptive sidelobe cancelation,digital pulse compression and coherent integration for the fourchannel signals.The system has been successfully applied in engineering.

    Research and Investigation of Field Testing of Terrestrial Digital Television System
    ZHANG Su-Zhen
    . 2010, 23(7):  102-104. 
    Abstract ( 984 )   PDF (264KB) ( 1017 )  
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    This paper introduces the signals,instruments and method of DTV,focusing on analysis and research of the field testing techniqueIt is a fashion and useful test technologyIt stresses the important role about how to select test pointsThen the paper expatiates its key points,methods and process which must be complied with

    The Monitoring System of Oilwater Interface Based on Capacitive Sensors
    HE Xiang-Yu, CHEN Lei
    . 2010, 23(7):  104-107. 
    Abstract ( 1506 )   PDF (312KB) ( 1538 )  
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    The paper introduces the design idea of oilwater interface monitoring system which has two operating modes based on capacitive sensors,expounds the working principle of the sensor and the monitoring principle of system;When the system works alone,the MCU processes data and shows the position of oilwater interface,controls the equipment turn on the water automatically and to display of liquid level dynamicallyThe serial communication connection is designed in order to carry on the system expansion and realize the concentrate control by PC.

    Design of Michelson Interference Fringes Counter
    LV Yu-Xiang, DUAN Xiao-Li
    . 2010, 23(7):  107-110. 
    Abstract ( 1510 )   PDF (322KB) ( 1643 )  
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    The counter is mainly consisted of the signal reception,signal conditioning,amplification,analogtodigital conversion,signal processing and count showAtmel 89C51 is responsible for signal processingOptical signals from laser is received by the sensor consisted of photodiode array,and the sensors is sensitive to laser band and can inhibit ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths of light effectivelyAmplifier modulation adopts DC analog signal technique which can avoid the electromagnetic interference that most of the isolation amplifier module haveExperimental results show that the counter is operated simply and it can shorten the measurement time and improve the accuracy of the count

    Internet of Things and Privacy Preserving Technologies
    BAO Lei, ZHANG Dai-Yuan, TUN Jia-Bao
    . 2010, 23(7):  110-113. 
    Abstract ( 1906 )   PDF (221KB) ( 3545 )  
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    Internet is not only communication between people,but also providing net that things communicate with things,things with people,and people between thingsThis digital network are named things of netIn this paper we consider different approaches to technological protection of users privacy in the world of internet of thingsParticularly,we consider what kind of problems and which level of protection can be achieved by applying approaches using secure multiparty computations

    WLAN Data Safety
    YU Nuo
    . 2010, 23(7):  113-115. 
    Abstract ( 1572 )   PDF (182KB) ( 1244 )  
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    With the rapid development of the Internet,WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network),and WLAN market,services and applications,greater freedom in the acquisition and distribution of information accompanies greater risk of information contamination and corruption.This paper presents a detailed introduction to the WLAN safety techniques to offer users a better understanding.

    Multisimaided Digital Electronic Technology Teaching Practice
    LIU Hong
    . 2010, 23(7):  115-117. 
    Abstract ( 1243 )   PDF (311KB) ( 1481 )  
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    The introduction of Multisim simulation software to digital electronic technology teaching,experimental teaching and course design effectively improves traditional teaching process,optimizes teaching resources,lowers the cost and increases teaching effectiveness.It can also foster the learning and problem solving skills of the students,improving their allaround quality.

    Discussion and Practice of the “3111” Intellectuals Training Mode Based on SchoolEnterprise Cooperation
    HU Hong-Jun
    . 2010, 23(7):  117-119. 
    Abstract ( 1355 )   PDF (126KB) ( 1174 )  
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    This article deals with the features and existing problems of “3111” Intellectuals Training Mode,and puts forward some ideas on personnel training in CNT major of Higher vocational education with employment as guidance and the combination of working with learning as the breakthrough point.

    Research on the Teaching Team of Computer Network and Computer Architecture
    GUI Xiao-Lin, ZHENG Qiang-Hua
    . 2010, 23(7):  119-121. 
    Abstract ( 1498 )   PDF (178KB) ( 1472 )  
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    This paper discusses the courses system and teaching features,innovative measures,experimental conditions and resources construction of the computer network and architecture team at Xian Jiaotong University.The network teaching approaches and the construction process of the team are introduced.The team construction effectively improves the teaching effect of relevant courses.

    Current Status and Improvement of the Network Higher Education Quality Assessment System of China
    QIN Peng
    . 2010, 23(7):  121-123. 
    Abstract ( 1532 )   PDF (258KB) ( 1164 )  
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    With the gradual expansion of network education,the problems it faces come to the foreground,among which is the difficulty in monitoring teaching quality.Based on the analysis of existing problems in the network education,this paper proposes some suggestions to improve the quality of distance education in China in the hope that this new teaching method be more widely accepted.

    Standards Analysis and Evaluation Platform for Teaching Quality of Higher Education
    XU Hong-Zhe, CHAO Lu-Meng, LI Wen
    . 2010, 23(7):  123-125. 
    Abstract ( 1617 )   PDF (258KB) ( 1185 )  
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    Based on ObjectOriented Database and Workflow Engine Technology,this article discusses the thought and structure of standards analysis and evaluation platform for teaching quality of higher education.Coalescent relative products are developed,and the development thought of standards analysis and evaluation platform for teaching quality of higher education is introduced.

    Probe into the Teaching Reform of Website Design
    WANG Li-Xia
    . 2010, 23(7):  125-126. 
    Abstract ( 1403 )   PDF (139KB) ( 954 )  
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    In view of the features of course book Website Design,the article discusses the problems of traditional teaching methods,and proposes a new teaching concept of “teaching depending on learning”,which  combines the students skills certification with curriculum system closely.The aim of the reform is to cultivate highquality website design talents through the scientific reforms of the teaching models.


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