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15 February 2012 Volume 25 Issue 2
    An Analysis of the Hybrid Method of MoM-PO for the RCS of Combining-objects
    TIAN De-Yuan, WEI Tong-Fang
    . 2012, 25(2):  1. 
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    The problem of scattering of two-dimensional structure objects is solved by the method of moment (MoM).Then a current based hybrid method combining the MoM with the physical optics (PO) approximation for two-dimensional objects is studied with a general matrix deduced.Finally,two examples are given to analyze the question of area-dividing of the hybrid method,and the dividing method proves efficient and accurate.

    The Selection Algorithm of Capacitor Type Based on SRF
    TANG Wei-Feng, LAN Tian-Hong
    . 2012, 25(2):  4. 
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    In order to make the impedance curve of PDN (Power Distribution Net) under the target impedance curve,the selection of decoupling capacitors is very important.This paper presents the selection algorithm of capacitor type based on SRF.This algorithm has been used in engineering practice with satisfactory results.

    Comprehensive De-Interleaving Algorithm of Unknown Radar Signals Based on the PRI
    GAO Shuang-Cheng, CHEN Ying
    . 2012, 25(2):  8. 
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    The de-interleaving method of radar signal in the high density and complex signal environment is not only the key technology of the signal processing techniques of the new generation reconnaissance process systems,but a subject urgent to be solved in this field.This paper introduces the very reconnaissance algorithm which is based on the PRI.In the paper,the math model of TOA is established first,and then a comprehensive reconnaissance method is proposed and the computer simulation result is given based on the SDIF,conventional PRI conversion algorithm and the revised PRI method as well.Simulation results show that this algorithm can be a reliable reference for the comprehensive algorithm.

    Performance Analysis of the CFAR Detector Based on Censored Mean and Cell Average
    MA Jian, WU Lan, XIA Hai-Bao, XU Yun-Shan
    . 2012, 25(2):  12. 
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    A new sort of constant false alarm rate (CFAR) detectors based on censored mean (CM) and cell average (CA) is proposed in this paper.They use the logic operation (the mean value,the greatest value or the smallest value) of CM and CA local estimations as a noise power estimation.Their detection performance is analyzed in a homogeneous background and in multiple interfering targets situations.The results show that the detection performance of the mean value of CM and CA detector is better.

    The Application of Higher-Order Hierarchical Basis Functions to Solve the Eigenvalue Problems of Resonant Cavities
    SUN Jia-Jia, WU Gang
    . 2012, 25(2):  16. 
    Abstract ( 1300 )   PDF (540KB) ( 1093 )  
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    In this paper we analyze the eigenvalue problems of resonant cavities using higher-order hierarchical vector basis functions based on tetrahedral finite elements.The numerical results of several examples show that using the higher-order basis functions can reduce unknowns by larger discretization size to obtain the same accuracy with the lower-order basis functions,and the numerical solution can approach the analytical solution more quickly with mesh refinement.

    Weighted Cluster Ensemble Based on Co-Occurrence Matrix
    BAI Jian-Pu, YANG Ya-Kun
    . 2012, 25(2):  19. 
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    Cluster ensemble is a hot topic in data mining research.It can find a combined clustering with better quality from multiple partitions.Most of resent researches pay little attention to the qualities of cluster members.However,bad cluster members and noise may affect the ensemble result.This paper presents a clustering ensemble algorithm based on weighted co-occurrence matrix.First the co-occurrence property value matrix of the cluster members is calculated.The significance of each cluster member is evaluated through information measures of clustering evaluation.Then weighted co-occurrence matrix is generated and the final ensemble result is obtained.Experimental results show the effectiveness of the algorithms,and the clustering accuracy is improved.

    Study of the Temperature Characteristic of the Dark Current of MPP CCD
    LEI Ren-Fang
    . 2012, 25(2):  23. 
    Abstract ( 1135 )   PDF (549KB) ( 920 )  
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    The temperature characteristic of the dark current and dark current nonuniformity of both MPP CCD and non-MPP CCD is investigated.The results indicate that MPP CCD can suppress the surface dark current with lower dark current and dark current nonuniformity as contrasted with non-MPP CCD,and can work at higher temperature.

    Real-time Digitized Optical Fiber Transmission System Based on FPGA
    SHI Xiong-Wei, ZHANG Gian-Kun
    . 2012, 25(2):  26. 
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    A real-time digitized optical fiber transmission system composed of the transmitting part and receiving part is proposed.The transmitting part digitizes input analog signals by the A/D converter,and then FPGA processes the digital signals and transmits the signals by the optical fiber.FPGA also controls the A/D converter.In the receiving part,the TLK1501 transceiver decodes the received signal in order to restore the effective signals.Results of experiments show that the system has the merits of good real-time performance,low Bit Error Rate,good stability and strong anti-jamming ability.The system is feasible and effective.

    Research on Leakage Protection Technology of the Power Supply System
    WANG Hui-Ming
    . 2012, 25(2):  30. 
    Abstract ( 1035 )   PDF (601KB) ( 872 )  
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    In view of the low-voltage power grid current environment where there is not adequate feed protection equipment,a new integrated feeder protection is presented with emphasis on the working principle,hardware architecture,software process,and anti-jamming technology of the system.Testing results show that this system both guarantees accurate operation resistance value and selection and improves the reliability and stability of the power supply system and can be applied in practice.

    Design of a New Reflectarray Antenna with High Gain
    LIU Yuan-Xuan, ZHANG Hui, SHAO Li
    . 2012, 25(2):  33. 
    Abstract ( 1226 )   PDF (331KB) ( 983 )  
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    A new type of reflectarray antenna has been introduced in this paper.The antenna was built based on grid array antennas and simulated with the Ansoft HFSS.The matching work has been designed by the impedance transformation of the leaky line.The simulation experiment shows that the simulation result is close to the actual result.It is shown that this antenna has the properties of good impedance matching and high gain.

    Analysis of the Technology of Ultra Wideband Microstrip Antenna
    WANG Peng, TAI Bin
    . 2012, 25(2):  35. 
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    The microstrip antenna is easy to produce and has a low cost.It also has the advantage that the radiation of the feed can be isolated or restrained.The main problem in engineering applications is that the bandwidth of the microstrip antenna is limited.On the basis of this,this paper studies the use of dipoles to constitute the logarithmic array antenna and applies this principle to the microstrip antenna so that the bandwidth can reach several octaves.

    Effect of Reference Plane Transformation on Signal Transmission and Optimization of Transmission Path
    LI Wei-Zhe
    . 2012, 25(2):  38. 
    Abstract ( 1238 )   PDF (541KB) ( 1046 )  
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    In multilayer printed circuit board (PCB) design,it's often needed to connect the signal from one layer to another through vias,which will arouse signal integrity issues.In this article,we build the signal cross-layer model by using full-wave electromagnetic field simulation tool SIwave,and then analyze its influence on signal transmission from the perspective of power distributed network (PDN) impedance.After that we adopt the method of adding capacitors to optimize the signal transmission path.We give detailed instructions on the selection of capacitance and determination of the location,which may serve as a reference of PCB design.

    Study of Altimeter Wide Doppler Frequency Band Echo
    LIU Hao-Miao, BIAN Shu-Tan, ZHU Shou-Bao
    . 2012, 25(2):  41. 
    Abstract ( 1230 )   PDF (670KB) ( 798 )  
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    This paper analyzes the features of the PD radar altimeter.It summarizes the performance characteristics of the altimeter.Based on the idea of the digital map,it sets up the ground distance-doppler relation by the grid method.Considering the effects of the crossing factor,such as the scattering parameter and antenna model,a simulation model is built with Matlab,which can analyze the features of the time-zone and frequency-zone.The result can provide technical support to the development and test of the altimeter for missiles.

    VC++ Implementation and Analysis for Simulation of Correlated Weibull Model Radar Clutter
    YANG Yong-Jie, FENG Xiao-Yu
    . 2012, 25(2):  44. 
    Abstract ( 1207 )   PDF (629KB) ( 718 )  
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    Weibull distribution is an important probability distribution model of radar clutter.This paper describes modeling and simulation ideas of the Weibull distribution clutter and the steps of ZMNL method,focuses on the difficulties of the simulation and solutions.The simulation results show that the concept is valid and correct.

    Analysis of Clutter Tracking Based on the Moving Platform
    LI Bo, DU Chun-Peng
    . 2012, 25(2):  48. 
    Abstract ( 1334 )   PDF (437KB) ( 805 )  
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    Ground clutter is one of the most important factors which influence the performance of the airborne radar system.By analyzing and simulating real clutter data that is recorded by radar,this paper introduces a method of clutter tracking and compensation that is proved to be a better way to reject the clutter and improve the capability of radar detection.

    Research on the Passive Detection System Based on the Third-Party Signal
    WANG Zhi-Jin
    . 2012, 25(2):  51. 
    Abstract ( 1061 )   PDF (490KB) ( 781 )  
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    Thanks to the unceasing renewal of the stealthy plane,the radar cross section is getting smaller and smaller.And the stealthy plane is required to keep radio silence in mission.So the passive detection system based on accepting and processing the stealth plane's signal is in failure.In this paper,a passive detection system based on the third-party signal is designed to detect the stealthy target.Simulations are also done to study the distance range based on accepting and reflecting the third-party signal.It is shown that the passive detection system based on third-party signal is feasible in the detection of the stealth plane.

    Design of FPGA-based Low Voltage Differential Signaling Card for High-speed Data Communication
    XUAN Dong, LIU Xin-Wei
    . 2012, 25(2):  54. 
    Abstract ( 1370 )   PDF (846KB) ( 778 )  
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    A specialized card is designed by FPGA,PCI9054,SDRAM and DDS to test a telemetry signal simulator.PCI9054 is used to exchange the data with the host computer,and the FPGA realizes the PCI local bus interface,the control of data collection & transmission and the configuration of DDS chip.Then through the WDM driver design and MFC interface design,a 10~200 Mbit·s-1 LVDS data collection and 10~50 Mbit·s-1 LVDS data transmission card is produced.

    Method for Improving the Precision of Inductance-Transducer
    WANG Yuan-Long, XU Jia-Pin
    . 2012, 25(2):  57. 
    Abstract ( 1090 )   PDF (581KB) ( 1051 )  
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    The inductance displacement sensor is widely used in small displacement detection.However,in some existing engineering sensors measurement precision and sensitivity can not reach the measurement requirements.Based on this problem,a sensor signal processing circuit is improved.An LC circuit is formed by including capacitance in the coil.The LC circuit resonant effect can improve circuit performance and improve the sensitivity of the signal source.Multisim software is adopted to simulate the performance of the half-and-half bridge and the whole bridge circuit when they include a capacitance of a different size capacitance.Matlab is used to fit the curve of the least squares.The capacitance and paralleling method for the optimal performance of the circuit are obtained through comparison.The results show that a little damage to the linearity can double sensitivity.

    The Design of Indoor Lighting Control System Based on the Atmega16
    ZHANG Li-Min, ZHANG Le-Le
    . 2012, 25(2):  61. 
    Abstract ( 1198 )   PDF (563KB) ( 802 )  
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    An improved detection technique based on intelligent interior lighting system design to overcome their lack of traditional lighting systems is proposed.And the use of pyroelectric which is infrared body temperature sensor system,whether it was indoor and the adequacy of the surrounding environment,the combination of brightness,using Atmega16 microcontroller for signal processing、analysis and decision making,so that lighting control is more precise,more simple,more user-friendly features.After experimental verification,system performance,reliability and stability.

    Fast Fractal Image Coding Based on Lifting Wavelet Transformation
    CHENG Lu-Lu, SUN Wan-Rong, XUE Dan, LI Jing-Jing
    . 2012, 25(2):  65. 
    Abstract ( 1357 )   PDF (618KB) ( 838 )  
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    Fractal and wavelet Image compressed has been a hot research topic in recent years.This article firstly introduced fractal theory and the lifting wavelet transformation theory.A hybrid image coding based on lifting wavelet transformation and fast fractal is presented.Satisfactory effect has been obtained while analyzing the result of experiment,especially in the shorting in the encoding time and improving the compression rate.

    Image Compressed Sensing Based on Bandelet Transform Domain
    LI Qing-Qing, XI Zhi-Hong, XIAO Yi-Han
    . 2012, 25(2):  67. 
    Abstract ( 1498 )   PDF (1047KB) ( 836 )  
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    Compressed Sensing(CS) can reduce the cost to measure a signal by using its characteristic as sparse in wavelet domain.So CS can break the limit of Nyquist sampling rate.For overcoming the shortage of orthogonal wavelet bases which has poor directional selectivity and week ability to capture the image edge,Image Compressed sensing based on Bandelet transform domain is proposed.The Bandelet algorithm can track the regular direction of image adaptively to improve image sparse ability.,thereby improving the quality of reconstruction image.Experiment results show that the proposed algorithm protects image details and improves the peak signal-to-noise ratio and visual quality.

    Gesture Recognition Based on Multi-Objective Camshift
    TANG Wen-Peng, HU Qing-Long
    . 2012, 25(2):  71. 
    Abstract ( 1165 )   PDF (836KB) ( 998 )  
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    The gesture recognition technology based on monocular vision is usually constituted by the key technologies of gesture modeling,gesture segmentation,feature extraction and gesture matching.The most popular gesture tracking algorithms based on monocular vision are the particle filtering algorithm and Camshift algorithm.This system converts the hand images from RGB space to HSV space,segments the hands using templates predefined color value,makes some improvements and realizes multi-objective target tracking.Because Camshift algorithm is semi-automatic,the gesture must be calibrated manually before being tracked.The system combines the gesture tracking and gesture recognition technology,improves the Camshift algorithm,solves the problem of being semi-automatic,and realizes multi-objective target tracking and finally realizes the gesture recognition of both hands.

    The Communication System of Oil Well Based on the Power Line Carrier
    FENG Yu-Feng, ZHANG Chao
    . 2012, 25(2):  74. 
    Abstract ( 1157 )   PDF (799KB) ( 775 )  
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    Based on the modern technology of low voltage power line carrier,we make a fundamental study of the communication between the land surface part and the underground part of the oil well.We solve the problem of power line noise interference through spread spectrum communications and improve the coupling circuit,especially the filter in the front part of the coupler,in view of cycling frequency interference.Specially,we construct the trans-receiving system for the oil well with the SSCP485 chip (spread spectrum carrier),the SSSCP111 and PIC18 MCU.The experiment shows that the system is reliable and stable in the aspects of data transmission,receiving and processing.

    Design of an Embedded Point Switch Video Monitor Based on ARM9
    MA Wan-Ying, FAN Wen-Xia
    . 2012, 25(2):  78. 
    Abstract ( 1213 )   PDF (698KB) ( 743 )  
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    The point switch has the responsibility of switching,blocking and monitoring the electrical devices on the railway.Its monitoring is of great significance to the safety of the railway operation.Most of the existing switch point monitors have the disadvantages of backward monitoring,high wrong warning rate and not being directviewing.By analyzing the problems in the existing switch monitoring system,this paper proposes an online video switch monitoring system.The monitoring system in the switch can capture the photo of the gap and upload the pictures in real time.The computer in the monitoring room can receive,identify,and automatically monitor the pictures.When the gap is lager than the standard value,there will be an alarm.This article also introduces the design and implementation of the image collection module.

    Design and Implementation of Multi-channel Automated Test System for Three-axis Fiber Optic Gyroscopes
    FAN Zhen-Jun
    . 2012, 25(2):  82. 
    Abstract ( 1083 )   PDF (821KB) ( 783 )  
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    The conventional three-axis fiber-optic gyroscope has the disadvantages of complex testing,being time consuming and low test efficiency.This paper proposes a scheme to implement the multi-channel three-axis fiber-optic gyroscope automatic test system.The scheme and the method of hardware implementation of the automatic test system are described in detail.In addition,the software design for the realization of automatic test is given.Testing results show that the system can achieve full automation in the test of multi-channel three-axis fiber-optic gyroscopes,which saves the costs and improves the efficiency.

    Implementation of Linux Video Capture Driver Based on V4L2 Architecture
    WANG Fei, KONG Cong
    . 2012, 25(2):  86. 
    Abstract ( 1479 )   PDF (558KB) ( 826 )  
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    Video For Linux Two is the latest standard for Linux video capture driver.This article introduces the driver model of V4L2,on the basis of which a USB video capture driver is designed to achieve the function of video capture.Besides,transplantation and testing were implemented on the gplugD platform.This video capture driver can be easily applied to other hand-held devices and has good real-timeness.

    Design of Large Space Network-Based Fire Detection System Based on DSP/BIOS
    ZHANG Guo-Fei, WANG Hui-Qin, HU Yan, MA Zong-Fang
    . 2012, 25(2):  88. 
    Abstract ( 1708 )   PDF (1055KB) ( 710 )  
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    The traditional image-based fire detection system uses PC as processing terminal and can't control the CCD camera effectively.To solve these problems,the design of large space network-based fire detection system based on DSP/BIOS on the TMS320DM642 platform is proposed.The system uses TCP / IP protocol stack to design multitasking thread application based on DSP/BIOS and RF5,realizes the transplant of fire detection algorithm and the creation of the network development environment.Video processing results can be transmitted to the control center through the Ethernet,and the control center is able to use the serial communication thread to set the parameters of the CCD camera.

    Research on Service Model Combination of Model-driven SOA Based on Colored Petri Nets
    WANG Hong-Da, ZHOU Liang
    . 2012, 25(2):  93. 
    Abstract ( 1234 )   PDF (610KB) ( 711 )  
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    In the framework of model-driven SOA,a verifiable and reasonable service process can be created in the business process layer.The five basic logical structures in the service combination are defined through formalization,and are described by colored Petri Net.Then these definitions are abstracted as algebraic computing.On the basis of which,the nature of the services obtained by algebraic computing and the way to construct the Web services are given.An example shows that the modeling approach can ensure the combination of services is correct and can be terminated.

    A Method to Realize Chinese Character Input Based on VxWorks
    LIU Ya-Li, YAN Li-Juan
    . 2012, 25(2):  97. 
    Abstract ( 1284 )   PDF (603KB) ( 793 )  
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    This article briefly introduces the fundamental principle of Chinese character display,proposes the realization scheme of inputting and displaying Chinese characters in the VxWorks embedded system based on  OpenGL.The design of key programs are given with the 16×16 character base as an example.Results show that OpenGL has a visualized programming environment and a series of image transform functions and peripheral device visiting functions,so that developers can visit the peripheral device with convenience and the image program development is simplified.

    Consistency Check Between UML State Chart and Sequence Chart Based on Model Checking
    DU Jie, JIANG Guo-Hua
    . 2012, 25(2):  100. 
    Abstract ( 1268 )   PDF (637KB) ( 691 )  
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    UML can be used to accomplish the system modeling from different views.There may be some redundancy in different views,so that the views may be inconsistent.This paper proposes modeling methods based on the formalization method and the UML.It focuses mainly on using the model checking to check the consistency between the UML statechart and the sequence chart.The method to deal with the composite sequence chart is proposed and the hierarchy structure of the statechart is translated into the finite automata machine.Then the NuSMV is used to verify them.Experimental results show the effectiveness of the converting methods.

    Research on Mapping UML Activity Diagram to Time Petri-Net
    GU Wei, HUANG Zhi-Qiu, LI Jian
    . 2012, 25(2):  105. 
    Abstract ( 1198 )   PDF (584KB) ( 758 )  
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    UML is widely used in modeling of embedded real time systems.However,embedded real time systems have fast response time,and UML is short of description and formal semantics of time constraint of the system.Therefore,this paper proposes a model of activity graph which combines MARTE and UML and are able to describe time constraints.Some mapping rules are established in this paper to map activity graphs to Time Petri-Nets.An example verifies the soundness and practicality of the mapping rules.

    Technology of Disk Data Removal Based on Windows
    HE Na, ZHAO Yi-Gong, JIANG Hua
    . 2012, 25(2):  109. 
    Abstract ( 879 )   PDF (1027KB) ( 766 )  
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    Based on the study of the document management system NTFS in Windows,this paper proposes a technology for clearing disk data completely.In NTFS the access operation to the files is completed by MFT that is related to the files,so there is a big difference from the FAT system.A tree directory structure is constructed by analyzing the method of MFT managing disk data.The tree directory structure is used as the tool of managing all the MFT tables in the disk.The problem of excessive memory occupation is solved by using the technique of releasing the tree nodes immediately after they are traversed.The technology can not only clear the data directly in the disk sector,but also manage the data more directly.Moreover,it reduces the dependence on the operation system,and it also has the advantages of operability and safety.

    Latest Progress of the Radome
    DAI Li-Hong, BAI Fei-Ming, ZHANG Huai-Wu, QUAN Zhen-Ye
    . 2012, 25(2):  112. 
    Abstract ( 1697 )   PDF (694KB) ( 769 )  
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    The Radome can effectively choose the frequency at which it works and change its microwave properties.The lately progress of the Radome is introduced from the perspectives of structure research and material research.The advantage and disadvantage of various Radomes mentioned in this paper are analyzed and the direction of the future research is presented.

    Research on and Implementation of Intelligent Home Based on ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network
    WAN Lei, ZHANG Yong, LI Jian
    . 2012, 25(2):  116. 
    Abstract ( 1571 )   PDF (718KB) ( 841 )  
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    According to the characteristics and needs of intelligent home,we adopt the wireless sensor network based on ZigBee,which has the advantages of low power consumption and outstanding characteristics of network capacity,in system control,building automation and industrial monitoring.This paper introduces the characteristics and application of ZigBee network,describes ZigBee protocol,analyzes the wireless sensor network system structure based on ZigBee,studies the implementation of the wireless network formation and network joining.It is shown that the system can well monitor the home environment.


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